Tracking (A)

National Track Supervision

Michael JAUK

These guidelines are appointed with landowners and shooting tenants and have to be followed without exception:

  • Dogs have to be led on a leash. (Exception: During ones own competition.)
  • Dog feces has to be removed!
  • Training is prohibited on all tracking fields!
  • The daily departure to the tracking field is one hour before starting the first track in the group.
  • The doghandler and the teamleader are allowed to drive on the tracking fields in their cars and to park at the allocated parking spaces there for watching the competition.
  • The field has to be left after competition immediately.
  • Failure to comply to the above-mentioned points may result in exclusion.

Meeting point


Tennishalle – Peiritsch Johanna u Gerhard

Bruckerstraße 28

2404 Petronell-Carnuntum

GPS: 48.105168, 16.864851

Google Maps: 4V47+4P Petronell-Carnuntum

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